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My brain unleashed.

The idea of actually typing out and recording all of my feels and opinions has always been in my head, but I never thought I was capable of doing it. I didn’t think I had the time, and I didn’t think I had the brains or capability. And quite honestly, I didn’t think anybody cared. Quite honestly still, I don’t think anybody cares.

But then I thought about how much I tweet my one-liner feels (@american_tmoney, follow a friend) and opinions. I thought about the phone calls to my mother, yelling and pleading for the Bears to RUN THE BALL or the Cubs to SCORE WITH MEN ON BASE. I thought about my love for Menards. I thought about all the stupid things I do that I probably shouldn’t share with the world, but I’d sure like to. I do all of these things anyways on a daily basis. And it’s not something I think I’m doing while I’m doing it. I just do it. So, who cares if no one cares. I care.

So here we are. I am back in school. I watch all the sports. I have a lot of really stupid thoughts I’d like to share. Why not write about them and talk about them? Introducing, The Tom E Experience.

More About Pat

Please make sure you are following and keeping up with my co-host and good friend, Pat Moriarty, on Twitter & Instagram (below) and his website www.patmoriarty.com. I like to credit/blame him for my Cubs fandom, and he takes full responsibility. Mostly every episode, expect him to be there to help me gather my thoughts.

Also check out his other works here:

August 5, 2021: The Cubs (One More Time); Chicago Sports are BUMPIN The Tom E Experience Podcast

Pat and I talk about the Cubs trade deadline one last time as we cope with the new norm. After that, we talk about all the other successful teams we have here to be thankful for.
  1. August 5, 2021: The Cubs (One More Time); Chicago Sports are BUMPIN
  2. July 30, 2021: The End of the Chicago Cubs; This is the Ricketts' Fault
  3. July 29, 2021: Cubs Trade Deadline & I Love My Future In-laws
  4. July 22, 2021: Headlines + Cubs Trade Deadline
  5. July 15, 2021: MLB All Star Break & Some Other Headlines

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