Let me start by saying I don’t know the rules of money in the league. I am merely a fan. But I am a fan, so I have the right to be mad and say TOM RICKETTS NEEDS TO SELL THE FREAKING TEAM.

Here is how our offseason has gone. A trade was made to send Yu Darvish and his personal catcher, Victor Caratini, to San Diego. We said goodbye to Kyle Schwarber because he was non-tendered by the Cubs (signs with the Nationals for 1 yr/$10 million). We said goodbye to piece 1 of our World Championship build up, Jon Lester, after TELLING THE CUBS HE WANTED TO RETIRE AS A CHICAGO CUB, because he signs with the Washington Nationals for 1yr/$5 million, following Schwarbs. The man bought every Cub fan in Chicago a beer, not to mention GOT US SOME RINGS, and we can’t match 1yr/$5mill.

On top of all of that, we have zero answers as to what is going to happen to every other key member of the roster. We keep hearing Kris Bryant’s name in trades. We hear Wilson’s name on and off. Rizzo and Baez have not been extended. Ian Happ doesn’t even have a deal avoiding arbitration. The fans have no answers, the players have no answers, and I’m pretty sure Tom Rickett’s has nothing to say to any of us.

At least we have Marquee Sports Network…. Not.

I have a theory. What if the Cubs were transparent with the players about their plans and their money? What if they sat each guy down and laid all of this out, say – right after the 2018 Wild Card loss to the Rockies, and told the guys where the team stood financially, what they wanted to do, and what they would ask the team to do, which is obviously take a pay-cut to stay together and win. What if?

Let me play with this. Let’s say that happens. Do you take any of those guys to say no to a pay-cut to be together? Scott Boras would probably disagree, sure. But the brotherhood this team has.. or had… is unmatched. They have acknowledged publicly how close they are and how much they want to be together. They want(ed) to be Cubs for LIFE. If there was a plan, and there were not these questions about each player’s future and what the team was doing, I believe production on the field would have been as high as it was in 2016. That team had fun and they were all in. We have not had that since, and I believe it has everything to do with the tension between the owners, front office, and the players.

Tom… What are you doing, man.

If you are either 1) not financially stable enough to keep this team together and fighting for championships, as you say you are, or 2) just not willing to fork up the cash and hide behind statements saying there is no money, it’s time to put the team on the market. Give us someone who IS willing to keep these franchise altering talents together.

This team had the potential to have a 90s Atlanta Braves run with multiple championships, and it’s crumbling before our eyes.

My grandpa would probably be so mad at me for complaining about this after actually seeing and having a World Championship in the back pocket… Sigh. We’ll always have this moment.