Two Original Six foes, reunited in hate. Hockey is so back.

With the new divisions in the NHL due to the shortened season and trying to control the amount of travel, these long-time (REALLY long-time) rivals are reunited in the now Central Division, and facing off in Chicago this weekend in the first 2 of 9 total meetings this season. And the sweater matchup is all time.

When you think of hockey, these are two of the first logos that come to mind. Historic teams and players in two historic towns with a history of winning. But not so much anymore..

As a Blackhawks fan, I have the right to say it is not good right now as far as hockey in Chicago. I also have the right to say the Dead Wings have also been not good. Does that make this matchup less appealing? Absolutely not.

The Blackhawks may have the greatest uniform in sports, definitely best in hockey. But the Red Wings are definitely number 2. The detail of Chicago’s with the slightest use of multiple colors is absolutely perfect. And the simplicity of Detroit’s red and white mixed with their sweet sweet logo is so good.

These two teams also hold the honor of having the coolest uniform matchup ever at the coolest hockey venue of all time: the 2009 Winter Classic at Wrigley Field.

When these two get together, there will always be a little extra pushing and shoving, and you have to love that as a hockey fan. I am very excited for these two to play more often, it is just so visually appealing.