I’m exited for this one! Today is the start of tracking my success and mostly failure of knowing the outcomes of sports games!

I am going to give out a pick (or two or seven) each weekday starting today through (probably) the end of time, and keep up to date with the millions I’m obviously going to win. It’s going to be fun!

Each pick will be worth one unit unless noted otherwise. One unit for me is obviously $10,000 (this is a joke, gamble responsibly).

TODAYS PICK: Denver Nuggets @ Chicago Bulls O227. 1u to win .89u

Here’s what I know. Da Bulls can score da points, and they are 4.5 point dogs. The Nuggets are 7th place team out west also scoring an average of 115.5ppg (according to ESPN.com’s standings). My bias of course tells me tells me to take the Bulls outright because duh. But the smart play here is points. As Big Cat taught us, life is too short to bet the under.

I WANT TO KNOW YOUR PICKS TOO! Comment on this post or tweet them to me @Tom_E_Exp and give me insight. I’m a sucker for an explanation.

Gamble responsibly, go points.