Yesterday’s Plays:

  • Maryland/Michigan O131.5, 1u/.9u WINNER
  • LIVE: Wichita State ML, 1u/1.28u WINNER
  • Florida +4.5, 1u/.9u LOSER
  • Florida LIVE ML .5u/2.2u LOSER
  • Purdue ML 1u/1.04u LOSER
  • Purdue LIVE ML .5u/7u LOSER
  • Georgetown ML, 1u/1.43u WINNER
  • Oklahoma St./Baylor O148, 1u/.94u WINNER
  • North Carolina/Florida St. O151, 1u/.92u LOSER
  • Texas/Kansas O136, 1u/.93u CANCELLED – N/A
  • UConn ML, 1u/.96u LOSER
  • PARLAY: Florida +3.5/Wichita St. -8.5/Iowa-3.5, .5u/3.25u LOSER
  • Mississippi State +8.5, 1u/.9u LOSER
  • Colorado -1.5, 3u/2.73 WINNER
  • PARLAY: Memphis, Oregon, Arkansas, Iona MLs, 1u/3u LOSER
  • Zach Lavine & Jimmy Butler each 25 points, 1u, 3.12u WINNER

Current Records:

  • Yesterday: 6-8, +2.90u
  • March Record: 24-35, -1.97u
  • YTD: 24-35, -1.97u

Roller coaster of a day, but we prevailed with plus units. Purdue was an absolute heartbreaker. They came back all the way from down 18 at one point only to wet the bed in overtime. Luckily Colorado hung on late and gave us a positive unit day going into the weekend.

Picks will be posted this weekend via the Twitters, and a recap coming Monday!