• Yesterday: 5-3, +5.405u
  • April: 93-114, +10.007u
  • YTD: 184-216, +12.545u

Last night, the Cubs were absolutely obliterated in Atlanta, barely showed up in a 10-0 exhibition. It was flat out embarrassing, and I was in a dark place, already in fear of the Bears draft taking place tonight. But lost in that, Anthony Rizzo struck out Freddie Freeman and I went 5-3. So are we really losers? Cause look at the plus signs up there.

The White Sox were not able to get their revenge last night, so they will today, TWICE. Ride with me on that. Plus some other fun Barstool stuff. I am staying away from any Draft gambling because that is a crapshoot. Who knows what is about to happen there. Sheesh.

Today’s Picks:

  • White Sox -1.5 Game 1: 1u/1.16u
  • White Sox -1.5 Game 2: 1u/1.65u
  • Baseball Parlay: .5u/1.625u
    • Yankees ML
    • White Sox (G1) ML
    • Dodgers ML
  • No Runs in 1st Parlay: .5u/2.925u
    • Phillies/Cardinals
    • Tigers/White Sox (G1)
    • Tigers/White Sox (G2)
  • 5+ Runs Parlay: 1u/1.5u
    • Yankees/Orioles
    • A’s/Rays
    • Phillies/Cardinals
    • Mariners/Astros
    • Cubs/Braves
  • Overs Parlay: 1u/2.68u
    • Penguins/Capitals O5.5
    • Panthers/Blackhawks O6.5